Welding Fixtures

MIG & Resistance Welding Fixtures

The fixtures might be automated with pneumatic clamping. Or the fixtures may use manual clamping for effective part holding. For larger work pieces, hydraulic welding fixtures may be needed to handle the load the part exerts on the tooling. Manual welding fixtures are designed to help the human welder and produce more reliable results in the production welding process.

Manual Clamping Fixtures are designed with manual hand clamps. These fixtures can be used in manual welding or robotic welding setups. They rely more on the operator to properly position parts than required for a pneumatic or hydraulic welding fixture. Manual clamping is usually used to reduce costs of tooling implementation and eliminate the need for electrical or pneumatic/hydraulic buildout for a fixture.

Features of our Welding Department:

  • Skills and experience in both fixture types
  • We’ll recommend different manual weld tooling strategies based on your application
  • Decades of experience working with customers
  • We'll replace less than satisfactory weld tools with quality tooling that will last decades
  • Also included can be a mechanical drawing package to allow for easy component modification
  • Optional replacement over the lifecycle of the production
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