Stamping Support

Stamping Tool & Die Repair

Hardy Reed Tool & Die offers stamping support services for your equipment. Stamping tool & die repair, revision, and maintenance. We can do anything from simple sharpening and reconditioning, to complex die changes or repairs. Our highly skilled staff are available to diagnose problems and suggest solutions for any stamping die problem. Our Die Shop is focused on customer convenience.

Hardy Reed Stamping Support Services provide a number of benefits for our customers.

1. We can build, maintain and repair your custom tools and dies in-house. This can considerably reduce costs, and the savings gets passed on to you.
2. We take exceptional care of your custom dies. We guarantee dependable runs and quality parts.
3. Our staff are highly trained and skilled tool and die experts with many years of experience.

Stamping Support Capabilities

Sharpening and reconditioning. We can sharpen and perform maintenance on your stamping tools and dies.

Reduced lead times. Our extensive knowledge and capabilities are used to efficiently accommodate your needs in a timely manner.

Component replacement. Done quickly and efficiently within the customer design, or using reverse engineering.

Die changes. We can remanufacture a stamping die to your specifications when a change is necessary.

Quality standards. We complete tool and die repairs right the first time, and according to our industry standards.

Quick turnaround time. We effectively and quickly conduct die repairs, maintenance and engineering changes.

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