Die Repair and Preventative Maintenance

Hardy-Reed is an expert in preventative and ongoing maintenance of metal stamping dies and tooling. We provide expert repair, revision and maintenance for metal stamping tooling systems.  We can repair tooling when needed, preventing lost-part production, non-value-added secondary operations and late-parts delivery. Hardy-Reed produces accurate parts to your specifications without costly downtime. Our skilled tool makers can sharpen and recondition your die, extending its life.

Hardy-Reed has decades of experience in the automotive and appliance industry specializing in the design and build of progressive dies, line dies and draw dies, as well as automated offline secondary process machines.

Our repair and engineering change services include:

  • Sharpening and reconditioning – ensuring production of quality parts and preventive maintenance of tooling
  • Component replacement – replacing broken die components quickly and effectively using customer component design data and reverse engineering
  • Die changes – remanufacturing dies to customer specifications when a change is required
  • Quality work – repairs made accurately and according to industry-leading quality standards
  • Quick turnaround – making rapid, effective die repair and engineering changes
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